A fast static web server with TLS (HTTPS), Routing, Hot Reloading, Caching, Templating, and Security in a single-binary you can set up with zero code.

Binserve Plus includes three main features that makes it production-ready and be able to handle heavy loads:

  • DDoS Protection
  • Rate Limiting
  • Prometheus Metrics

All of them just as configurable like

What Do I Get?

You get lifetime license + lifetime bug fixes for $14/once.

You will get a ZIP archive containing the executables for every major operating systems and architectures. Here is a list of the files inside the archive:

  • THANKYOU.jpg
  • binserve-musl_0.2.0_amd64.deb
  • binserve-musl_0.2.0_i686.deb
  • binserve-v0.2.0-aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz
  • binserve-v0.2.0-arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf.tar.gz
  • binserve-v0.2.0-i686-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz
  • binserve-v0.2.0-i686-unknown-linux-musl.tar.gz
  • binserve-v0.2.0-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz
  • binserve-v0.2.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz
  • binserve-v0.2.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-musl.tar.gz
  • binserve_0.2.0_amd64.deb
  • binserve_0.2.0_arm64.deb
  • binserve_0.2.0_armhf.deb
  • binserve_0.2.0_i686.deb


Q. The ZIP archive does not contain the architecture/OS you wanted?

A. Send me an email to and I will compile one for it, the archive will contain the most common architectures and operating systems or if you have some obscure machine at hand and if it runs Rust, it runs binserve so yeah I will compile one for it!

Q. Are there any performance differences between Binserve and Binserve+?

A. No, the performance is the same. Binserve+ is like a hardened version of Binserve adopting middlewares to make production deployments easy and handle huge bursts in traffic.

Q. Got a bug/crash?

A. Any crash would print out a descriptive error message, send it to me at or open an issue in the main repository of Binserve, I will fix it immediately and as stated above, one license warrants lifetime bug fixes so you'll get every major bug fixes and releases. And the chances of a crash happening at runtime is pretty low, well according to how much I've battle-tested it.

This exists as a way to support the project, it does not have any license keys or verification system, you get pre-compiled executables for major operating systems and architectures in a ZIP archive. (MIT License)

Thank You for your support! ❤️

I want this!

You'll get a ZIP archive containing the binserve+ executables for every major operating systems and architectures + You're supporting the development of this open-source project. ❤️

MacOS (Darwin)
45.9 MB
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I want this!